Coffee – Is it Good or Bad?

Is Coffee Good or Bad for Your Health?

Various studies have shown contradictory results about coffee consumption. Some studies suggest that moderate coffee consumption of one to two cups a day may reduce the risk of diabetes and dementia. The caffeine is also a “mood enhancer” and a temporary energy boost, at the expense of a drop in energy when the effects wear […]

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Easy, Painless Ways to Lose Weight, Look Better and Be Healthier

Lose weight the easy way

Weight-loss is a major, hot topic among Americans today. Excess fat, especially in the abdominal area, is associated with inflammation and numerous major, chronic health problems. It is often difficult for people to achieve and maintain the weight that they feel is ideal for them. Many weight loss diets involve radical changes in eating, which […]

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Dangerous Health Myths

Dangerous Health Myths

Are these health myths destroying your health? Most of these misbeliefs have been promoted through the media and other information channels for years, and yet every one of them is false. Many of the things Americans are doing to improve their health are actually making them sicker. Read the whole story in this series of […]

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Type 2 Diabetes – Preventable and Reversible

Type 2 Diabetes

This year millions of Americans will be diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. This is a very serious medical condition that can lead to many other serious complications. In fact, few people actually die from elevated blood sugar. The deaths are usually caused by the associated More …

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Heart Disease – Preventable and Reversible

Heart Health

Heart disease isn’t simply an inherited trait. All of us have certain genetic weaknesses, that may be predictors of potential health problems. But even if you havea genetic tendency toward heart disease, recent studies show that youe heart health depends much more on your lifestyle than your genes. Heart disease accounts for nearly one-third of […]

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Exercise – Fountain of Youth

Exercise as anti-aging therapy

Exercise can be one of the most valuable ways you spend your time. The time you spend exercise can yield a great return, as more energy, better moods, better health and longer life. In fact, lack of exercise is one of the leading causes of poor health in industrialized nations, being a major factor in heart […]

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Gardening: the Healthiest Choice?

Home Vegetable Garden

Growing your own food may just be the healthiest way to live. You know exactly what you’re getting: the type of seeds, the soil conditions, organic methods and harvesting. You also know the food is vine-ripened, fresh, free from processing, pesticides, colorings and all other contaminants. It’s not that hard to learn to grow your own food. If […]

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