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Nutritional Needs of Athletes

Athletes have special nutritional needs

Nutritional Needs of Athletes

Athletes of all ages need greater quantities of essential nutrients than less active people. When we perspire, we don't just lose salt, we lose all kinds of minerals in perspiration. Without a sufficient daily consumption of all essential minerals, athletes will become deficient in certain minerals.

Dr. Joel Wallach, DVM, ND, has studied the relationship between mineral deficiencies and health for decades. He was the lead scientist for a research project conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), in which he performed over 17,500 autopsies on over 450 species of animals and birds to determine the cause of death. His research documented the fact that nutritional deficiencies were involved in all types of diseases in animals. He also performed 3,000 human autopsies  for comparison, confirming his theory that humans need the same nutrients for optimum health. After becoming a Doctor of Naturopathy, Dr Wallach has helped many people, including professional athletes, with nutritional supplements and dietary advice.

Sudden Heart Death

There are over 100,000 cases of sudden heart death per year in athletes under 30 years of age in America. Dr. Wallach believes that every single death could be avoided by supplementation with the 90 essential nutrients.

In 2011, Dr. Wallach received the Klaus Schwartz Commemorative Medal for his research on selenium, an essential mineral. He is one of the world's leading experts on selenium and health. Selenium deficiencies are involved in several major diseases. Dr. Wallach believes that all cases of "sudden heart death" in athletes are caused by a selenium deficiency. Sudden heart death occurs when an athlete's heart stops, with no warning and it is not preceded by any known symptoms.

Susceptibility to Injuries

In addition to sudden heart death, Dr. Wallach demonstrated that countless injuries can be prevented by replacing the minerals lost by perspiration. Minerals needed for bone and joint strength are especially needed.Theo Ratliffe, an NBA All Star athlete, had multiple career-ending injuries at the age of 28, and with Dr. Wallach's advice he was able to return to basketball the very next season with a $40 million contract, and play for another 10 years.

This lecture by Dr. Wallach describes the athlete's need for minerals.



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 Posted on : March 24, 2015

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