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Weight Loss - Truly Losing Fat - Without Exercise or Starvation

According to many studies, 80% of the weight lost on most diets is actually water, muscle and bone. That's not at all what the dieters were hoping for.

It's the muscles that burn calories and help control weight and blood sugar. Losing muscle tissue from a fad diet has the effect of reducing your ability to burn calories. So, when you resume your old eating habits, and return to your previous body weight, you will have more fat and less muscle. You can eventually regain the lost muscle, but it takes time and work, and it becomes more difficult with age. And it takes even longer to regain bone strength and bone density. A frequent dieter will probably never achieve their real goal of reducing body fat, while maintaining healthy muscle and bone strength.

Youngevity has a totally different approach to weight loss, focusing on creating better health. Instead of pursuing the goal of "losing weight to get healthy", the focus is on getting healthy, and naturally reaching a healthy weight. By providing your body with all the essential nutrients, and eating a healthy diet designed for fat burning, you become healthier and lose weight at the same time.

The foundation of the Healthy Body Loss Pak is the "90 Essential Nutrients" that we all need for optimal health. One of the causes of obesity is a deficiency of some of the essential nutrients. Deficiencies interfere with biological processes, energy production and metabolism, and mineral deficiencies actually cause vague, unsatisfiable food cravings.

In addition to the 90 essential nutrients, for rapid weight loss, you can also take a product called ASAP - As Slim as Possible, which will minimize hunger and fatigue while on a low calorie diet.

Youngevity has a recommended diet in their "Healthy Body Weight Loss Challenge".

Here's a Description of the Youngevity Weight Loss Program, which has helped many people regain their health and lose unwanted fat

Narrated by Sanjeev Javia, Youngevity Wellness Coach

Healthy Weight Loss Pak 2.0

Fast, Safe, effective weight loss with the Youngevity Weight Loss Pak 2.0

For more information on the Healthy Body Weight Loss program,

please email us at info@NaturalHealthManual.com, or call 864-593-5396

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 Posted on : December 28, 2014

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