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Type 2 Diabetes Causes, Prevention and Reversal

Every year, millions of Americans are diagnosed as type 2 diabetic, and millions more are either undiagnosed diabetics or pre-diabetic. The cost of type 2 diabetes to our society is astronomical, and the number of new diabetics is increasing every year. Complications of diabetes often include loss of vision, increased risk of heart disease, untreatable infections with resulting amputation of feet and lower legs, and early death.

Dr. Joel Wallach, a leading expert on naturopathic medicine, speaks about the relationship between mineral deficiencies in the standard American diet, and the prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes (also known as "Adult Onset diabetes"). He explains how to easily correct the nutritional deficiencies and the changes you can make to your diet, which will help your body regulate your blood sugar and insulin without drugs.

One of his success stories is a billionaire entrepreneur named Dr. Robert Murphy, who holds 3 PhDs in medical chemistry, and owns the 3rd largest medical lab in America. Dr. Murphy was under the care of the best medical doctors available, but his blood sugar was dangerously high, even with injectable insulin. After starting Dr. Wallach's program, his blood sugar was normal in only 60 days, without medication. As a result, he partnered with Dr. Wallach to spread the word, starting a series of diabetes clinics using his program.

The same program is available to anyone, simply by following Dr. Wallach's instructions. As Dr. Wallach says, "Give the body what it needs, and it  can do amazing things".


For more information, contact us at 864-593-5396, or info@NaturalHealthManual.com

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 Posted on : December 29, 2011

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