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Easy, Painless Weight Loss

Weight loss is a hot topic among Americans today. Excess fat, especially in the abdominal area, is associated with inflammation and many major, chronic health problems.

It is often difficult for people to achieve and maintain their ideal weight. Many weight loss diets involve radical changes in eating, which are difficult to follow, and require much willpower.

As a result, those who are able to follow these diets long enough to reach their short term weight loss goals are relieved to be able to stop following the extreme diet. As soon as they return to their former eating habits, they begin to regain the lost weight, and their bodies are often able to gain weight faster than before.

Also, low calorie diets may cause the metabolism to slow down, so fewer calories are burned in everyday activities. This reduced metabolism may persist after the dieter resumes their previous calorie intake, which makes it easier to gain weight, and more difficult than ever to lose it.

After several such attempts, it's no wonder that some people feel like giving up.

But there is a much easier and basically painless way to lose weight and reach your ideal weight. And it doesn't involve enduring extreme hunger or developing extreme willpower.

The key is in learning to substitute healthier foods for the ones you are accustomed to eating. The best way to do this is usually to make gradual changes for the better, that become new habits.

Here are some simple secrets for easy, effortless, painless and permanent weight loss

 Make one or two changes at a time, and practice them until they become automatic, and they just "feel right". It takes about 21 days to develop a new habit, and after that it is almost easier to continue to do the same thing than to change. It becomes "second nature" to you.

Remember - habits are learned, and they become automatic with repetition. You can choose a new habit, and make it automatic with repetition, in the same way you learned old habits.

if you stop intentionally practicing your new eating habit too soon, you will tend to return to your old habit. Allow plenty of time for new habits to completely replace old ones, especially the habits that are the hardest to unlearn.

Choose the changes that you feel you are ready for. Most change requires some effort, and during hectic times, it may best to make a small change that does not require much effort. The combined effect of many small changes equals the benefit of a major change, with much less effort.

When you are feeling up to it, choose a change that will have a big benefit. These changes may be easy, or they may be difficult. An example of an easy change is to substitute a healthy food that you like for an unhealthy food that you like. All you have to do is make a different, equally desirable choice, and practice it until it becomes a good habit.

Think it through before making an important change. When you are planning to change something that is not going to be easy, like cutting your consumption of sweets and refined carbohydrates, first give yourself some time to think about what you really want. Think about the reasons why you eat this food that is making you overweight, and the pleasure it give you. Then compare that to this feeling of satisfaction you will have when you choose a healthier habit, and the freedom from many chronic diseases that come from consuming too much sugar and refined carbohydrates. Write down a list of all the reasons you like eating ice cream, pie, cake, cookies, or your own favorite indulgences. When you eat them, think about the way you feel, and why you like it so much. This will enable you to count the "cost" of making a change for the better. Making a list of all the benefits of being able to say "no" to that desire, such as feeling better, looking better and being healthier as you grow older. After you have decided that you really want to change, you will find it much easier to do, and you won't be as likely to change your mind and lose your progress.

If you make healthy eating a new lifestyle, and you enjoy the process as much as possible, you'll eventually reach your ideal weight goals, and when you get there, you'll have no desire or reason to gain the weight back again. You'll enjoy the new "you", and it will feel very right and normal. And you will avoid a lot of expense and misery that poor health might have caused you, and your loved ones. The greater energy you have and enjoyment of life will be a lasting reward, for simple changes that aren't really all that difficult, when taken one by one.

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 Posted on : October 23, 2012
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