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Exercise can be one of the most valuable ways you spend your time. The time you spend exercise can yield a great return, as more energy, better moods, better health and longer life. In fact, lack of exercise is one of the leading causes of poor health in industrialized nations, being a major factor in heart disease, diabetes and probably a factor in numerous other health problems as well.

Exercise can not only strengthen your muscles and heart, it can improve your memory, strengthen your bones, tendons and ligaments, and improve the health of every organ and cell in your body.

But it doesn't have to be painful, grueling, long hours of sweat. A few minutes a day of brisk walking is enough to have benefits, for those of us who don't feel like putting on the workout clothes and heading for the gym. In fact, everything you do that uses your muscles has a potential benefit.

Recent studies have taught us much about exerecise, from the types and duration ...

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 Posted on : December 30, 2011
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